Altrum RecognitionB2B eCommerce

Altrum Recognition b2b ecommerce

Dedicated to team performance

Altrum Recognition induces long-lasting employee engagement through tailored and people-oriented recognition solutions that improve organization’s bottom-line. Altrum Recognition allows organizations to offer their personnel symbolic recognition trophies to increase performance and raise engagement.

Offer more to customers

B2B commerce is growing rapidly on the Web and businesses benefiting from this movement offer their customers a unique and optimal supplying experience. Altrum Recognition is now part of this movement.

See project live


Having an established customer base in North America , Altrum Recognition aims to offer its customers a unique online shopping experience at their corporate image while allowing customization of available products.


A B2B commerce oriented platform was built for the business’ needs and customers can now customize their products online. Microsites are generated to Altrum Recognition’s customer’s organizational image to provide an optimal user experience.

Added value

Corporate clients at Altrum Recognition now have a platform at their own image allowing them to track their activities and operate more easily. Fidelity is strengthened and purchase frequency increased.

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