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To live the childhood dream

Castello Jeu is a major player in the gaming industry for children in the region of Quebec. With its two outlets, the company also offers services such as birthday parties events. Castello Jeu was founded by entrepreneurs with young spirit who dedicate themselves every day to provide children and their parents a unique experience.

Great targeting improves results

With quality products, a dynamic staff and a unique in-store experience, now is the time to skyrocket the web experience. Targeted web marketing strategy and a unique online shopping experience should reflect the quality of service provided daily by the merry elves at Castello Jeu.

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With a powerful e-commerce platform and an untapped marketing potential, a structured web marketing campaign merged with an effective customer retention strategy should be set up to bring the business to a whole new level.


Continuous improvement of the customer experience and of the SEO was done in order to prepare an advertising investment. AdWords campaigns were then custom-built with an affiliate program to keep a loyal customer base and gain new market ooportunities.

Added value

The strategies implemented have helped earn a return on investment of over 200%. The affiliate program increased the return rate of a customer and managed to penetrate a new market.

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