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CastroHaase+Brown LLC website

Dedicated to justice

CastroHaase+Brown LLC is a law firm based in Washington DC in the United States. Their boutique size establishment is wanted and allows lawyers to exercise their practice to their full capacity for niches to which they have devoted their entire career.

Communication with brand

The industry of law in the US is extremely competitive. CastroHaase+Brown LLC chose to reach their niche and target market with an image demonstrating precise legal practice clearly communicating their activities.

See project live


After refreshing their brand, CastroHaase+Brown LLC needed a website that accurately presented the image and services of the firm. The organization needed to have a news section to keep its customers up to date.


The open-source platform WordPress has been selected to offer flexibility and simplicity to its owners. This also allows publications to their customers.

Added value

CastroHaase+Brown LLC now displays its new brand online in addition to offering documents directly online to interested parties. A Document Manager has been implemented in order to increase the value of their content.

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