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Get your dream hair for cheap

Coiffure à Rabais was founded by 2 energetic entrepreneurs who wanted to expand their brick and mortar boutique on the web. With a great buying power, they can offer professional hairstyling products at a lower price with exceptional customer service and quality advices.

A whole new level
Having reached a cap in sales but having the strong conviction that they can do more, the company chooses Novatize to get their eCommerce to another level. The web experience has to be improved in order to accommodate all the traffic coming from the new digital strategies. Transforming their business model to generate a recurring revenue stream was the main objective.

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With a basic eCommerce platform full of potential, an upgrade to the website was a no brainer. Moreover, by having reached a sales cap which do not meet the two entrepreneurs satisfaction, a more ambitious and structured digital strategy had to be established in order to bring the company to the next step.


An upgrade of the website’s user experience was inevitable in order to prepare customers acquisition strategies. The user interface with new sections were rethought in order to bring a professional image to their eCommerce. A migration to our servers has been done to improve the website’s performances. As to the marketing side of it, a takeover of the AdWords campaigns, social medias tutorial sessions and the promotion efforts of some products with the help of influencers were part of the strategies we used.

Added value

The strategies put in place have helped double the revenues of the website, increased the traffic and the number of transactions. Furthermore, the social medias community tripled. It will be interesting to notice the expansion in the english market. Stay tuned!

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