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Figurative art at its best

Danny Ferland was born in Quebec in 1975. He demonstrated a rare ability in the field of drawing from an early age. The absence of serious school in his hometown encouraged him to explore the art by self teaching for years. It was in 2001 that interest in figurative art took great importance. This new trend led him to develop a passion for the field of portraiture.

From the workshop to the world

At the rise of an artist, his image is now and more then ever crucial to its success. A clean and representative image of the painter is what will get him known and show what he is capable of.

See project live


With an active portfolio on social networks and a dedicated community, a platform allowing Danny to add his new works and to inform the world of his activities was to be built and tailored to its unique image.


The Wordpress content management platform has been used for its simplicity and easy management by its owner. A contact form and a photo gallery were integrated to allow him to add his works and to be contacted by admirers or potential customers.

Added value

The platform built bilingual, Danny Ferland has an international image and can carry out work for clients worldwide. Today, he is coveted by art enthusiasts around the world to bring them on canvas.

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