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A product that impacts the combat sports industry

Hykso is a company founded by 7 young entrepreneurs from multiple academic backgrounds who revolutionized the way combat athletes train. Hykso punch trackers provide to fighters their punch power, punch speed and endurance by displaying their performance data on their smartphone. Data acquisition is getting more and more essential for mid-level and high-level athletes evolution.

Become the leader of their market on the web

The appearance of competitors forced Hykso to take action to become leaders of their market on the web. Their product is a great innovation, but their presence on the web was just not efficient enough to acquire the notoriety and credibility they were aiming for. The website, the design and the content of their sales platform had to be rethought.

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The need to acquire notoriety for their products goes along with improving its organic search' ranking. It was then necessary to work the basics that would make the product show in the top results and display it efficiently. The sales platform had to be optimized and so did its content and user's experience.


All of our actions were based on those goals: improve the quality of the platform as well as its design and create relevant content. This is how we would increase the average time of visit and the sales. Three elements were to be worked on to achieve those goals: the reduction of the website's loading time, the optimization of the plateform's structure and ease of navigation and the production of content based on Hykso's potential clients search queries.

Added value

The results showed up. We reduced the loading time of more than 50%. This is a user's experience crucial aspect and so is it for search engine ranking. Hykso now presents a high-end platform with attractive designs, well-structured information and content based on combat athletes' needs. By working on those crucial aspects, Hykso is now the best ranked brand of their market and they offer a user's experience that goes way beyond their competitors.

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