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Ma Boutique Scolaire ecommerce

An experience that makes school a little more fun…

Founded in 1998 by young at heart entrepreneurs, Ma Boutique Scolaire is a leader in school supplies and teaching materials in the regions of Quebec and Montreal. The organisation distinguishes itself by offering a unique experience to its customers and their loved ones.

Back-to-school simplified

Everybody recalls that stressful time of the year when you absolutely have to get that trendy schoolbag and that new super cool pen for your kid. But what about that endless school supplies list provided by the teacher ?

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Simplicity. Experience. Peace-of-mind. Provide customers with a simple solution to make the back-to-school experience not only less stressful, but pleasant.


A custom web platform was developed to allow parents to select the exact list provided by their kid’s teacher and add it directly to the cart as well as editing the list according to their needs.

Added value

This new and unseen before user experience doubled the number of transactions online and increased the average order by more than 50%. A great experience is the best marketing strategy.

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