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Modernizing traditional medecine.

Founded by Dr. Andrew Tait in February 2011, Tait Laboratories is a natural product company committed to modernizing and validating traditional natural medicines with scientific research.
With vision, innovation and dedication, Tait Labs works to identify traditional medicines and enhance their chemical and biological profiles by the use of nature-inspired techniques – resulting in new therapeutic solutions for millions of users.

From the lab to the web is an eCommerce platform based on Magento. Its goal is to provide flexibility and scalability to Tait Laboratories as well as effective inventory management.

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After developing a revolutionary product in the industry of natural supplements, Tait Laboratories needed a complete online commercialisation strategy to launch its product. Development, marketing, user experience... They needed a technological partner that could support their growth and manage their online activities.


The open-source ecommerce platform Magento was used to develop a custom bilingual transactional web platform. Custom modules for wholesalers and pricings strategies were written to fulfill customers’ needs.

Added value

Tait Laboratories now manages its global Mandarin Skin Plus inventory online. North American drugstores can also get their shipments of MSPlus using the platform with their practitioner account.

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