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Finally! An affordable high quality 3d scanner

peel 3d is a project powered by Creaform/AMETEK inc., the world leader in 3D scanners for businesses. The goal behind peel 3d: offer an affordable, yet high-quality 3d scanner to consumers and small businesses who can benefit from this technology to accelerate their growth.

Isolation as a strategy

To reach a larger and international market, Creaform/AMETEK inc. isolated the project peel 3d to give it a completely independent brand, life and potential. The result? A cost-effective technological solution, a low time to market and an effective digital marketing strategy to get the product known as fast as possible internationally.

See project live


With a ready-to-market product like peel 3d, the next steps were obvious: setup a simple yet performing eCommerce solution fast in order to reach the market as soon as possible and apply an effective marketing strategy to generate sales.


The Shopify platform was selected for this project as we needed a solution that offered quick development tools, fast deployment and efficient performance tracking for digital marketing investments. When the shop was up and running, a marketing budget was immediately allocated to ensure a return on investment. The numbers spoke for themselves.

Added value

Choosing Shopify for this type of project made the following possible:

  1. Faster time to market
  2. Increased marketing budget
  3. Higher sales
To know more about this project, please contact François-Jérôme Gosselin at