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Peluche et tartine ecommerce

Stylish kids apparel

Peluche et tartine is the favorite brand of parents looking for quality , style and durability at an affordable price. Inspired by current trends, their designers are reinventing classic styles and designing coats, rain coats, snowsuits and accessories for children from 3 months to 8 years old. Bright colors, fun and varied printed embroidery are perfect to the taste of young people in fashion.

An interactive catalog

eCommerce does not necessarily mean ” online transaction “. At Peluche et tartine, exposure of products online is essential in order to offer customers the opportunity to discover new models and styles designed by the company.

See project live


A simple and efficient solution was desired by Peluche et tartine. A system allowing the management and output of the online catalogue as well as a point of sales listing system was the main focus of the project.


An open-source e-commerce platform was built to support the needs of an online bilingual catalog. An additional module was developed to manage efficiently point of sales.

Added value

By making the platform based on an e-commerce framework, increased performance and growth opportunities are more easily attainable.

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