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Lifestyle coach

Pierre-Hugues Geoffroy has been changing the life of people for more than 10 years. With his experience and expertise, he wants to help anyone to become the best version of themselves.

Spread wellness

With years of experience, Pierre-Hugues took the decision of taking his advices out of his gym to offer them to everybody and then change the life of a bigger amount of people.

See project live


With an already active community over social medias, Pierre-Hugues Geoffroy wanted to increase his personal image. Thus, he needed a personalised platform allowing him to share videos, conferences, blog articles and to sell his book and promotional items.


The open-source platform WordPress has been selected to offer flexibility and simplicity to its owner. This also allows publications of articles and medias with simplicity. An eCommerce based on WooCommerce has been integrated to simplify and centralize the sale of his products. Finally, the implementation of AWeber allows the client to collect all the data he needs.

Added value

Novatize brought an additional element, the automatization of his business processes, with the implementation of Print Aura which automates the production and expedition of his products. With this website, Pierre-Hugues can now share his good advices to everybody and so change the life of a bigger amount of people. This website has everything to offer to someone that wants to change his life for the better

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