Station BLÜWeb marketing

The ultimate relaxation

In 2011, next to a winding river with clear and limpid water opens one of the most important canadian’s nordic baths complex : Station BLÜ. Since it’s opening, the station was awarded multiple eulogy for it’s innovative designs and installations. Station BLÜ was awarded the design’s grand prize in the commercial/recreative category, a mention from the renowned Condé Nast Traveller UK and a 33th place in the Top 100 Most Amazing Spas In The World.

Develop its web presence

With a a spa of the highest quality, the company choose Novatize to develop it’s web presence and upgrade the performance of it’s e-commerce.

See project live


With an already operational e-commerce platform but with a low amount of traffic, the company had to make advertising investments in order to improve it’s brand awareness and it’s promotions.


First of all, an upgrade of the website was a no brainer to improve the user experience and the creation of special promotions to create virality. Next, we were ready to make advertising investments and a social media strategy has been put in place.

Added value

The strategies put in place have helped make the conversion rate increase from 0.39% to 4.80% and also resulted in a traffic increase of 300%. This growth helped the company to collect a revenue 24x bigger than a similar past period and increased the email list by almost 900%.

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