Much more than men’s clothing

WayOutfitters is a trendsetting and unconventional concept in its way to equip and advise men in their gear. It is a human virtual  establishment that sells various items of men’s fashion with outstanding quality while ensuring a quick and easy shopping experience.

Customer experience at all costs

At WayOutfitters, customer experience is a key priority. The redesign of their online store to a more powerful solution had become a priority due to the high demand on the old platform which did not meet the expectations of the owners. Personalization of the customer experience and performance of the platform were the main elements that have encouraged the transition of their e-commerce WordPress to Magento 2.


See project live


Operating on a non-optimized platform for performance and operation of a high volume eCommerce, WayOutfitters had to bring in a technological solution that could support their organizational growth.


The new Magento 2  platform was chosen for the realization of this project. Performance, ease of management and automation of several processes in comparison with the first version of Magento were key arguments in making this technological decision.

Added value

The implemented platform allowed a 40% reduction in the operations management time by the administrators on the platform. Loading speed improved by 75% and the Magento technology enabled WayOutfitters to plan their expansion across North America.

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