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09 Nov 2022

8 must-have strategies and new features on Klaviyo that will improve your eCommerce

8 must-have strategies and new features on Klaviyo that will improve your eCommerce

With the decline of cookies and third-party data, eCommerce merchants are facing many challenges when creating digital marketing campaigns with refined and measurable targeting. ECommerce specialists are struggling to deliver personalized, cost-effective experiences while adapting ad targeting capabilities. Automated email and SMS marketing are the most common strategies where we can use and monetize our first party data.

Our partner Klaviyo, an email marketing platform, is a must-have for eCommerce merchants who want to have email and SMS strategies tailored to their transactional software. The importance and value of your data assets will ensure the durability of your marketing strategies. Here are 8 integrations and new features that will help you perform better.

1. SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a Klaviyo feature that allows you to send SMS (text messages) to your customers. It’s been around for a few years now, but it gained popularity in 2022.  For campaigns or flows, these text messages are the best way to reach your recipients directly, with a higher open rate. We advise you to put contact forms that harvest phone numbers as soon as possible, in order to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

2. The Virtual Contact Card

The virtual contact card is commonly referred to as a VCC. If you create a contact card for your brand, your recipients will receive your SMS messages in your name, instead of an unknown number. This also prevents your SMS from being identified as spam, in addition to being better perceived by customers and giving them the chance to add you to their personal contacts. It also personalizes the text message they receive and allows you to stand out from the competition.

3. Segmented campaign analysis

Klaviyo offers a new reporting feature on campaign performance: we can now analyze them by segments. With this feature, you can send the same campaign to multiple lists or segments, in order to compare performance between different groups of recipients. With the Audience Breakdown Tab, you are able to get statistics on your different groups in one place. This way, you can see what type of content is appropriate for which audience, and plan your strategies for the upcoming months.

4. Google Ads’ Integration

It is now possible to link your Klaviyo to your Google Ads platform. This long-awaited integration allows you to use Klaviyo’s data on your consumers’ browsing activity, buying activity, engagement with your business (and more!), to take your Google ads to a whole new level. This means you don’t have to wander between platforms, which saves you al lot of time. You’ll also have the opportunity to improve your ROAS (return on ad spend) since your ads are now more targeted, and you’ll definitely attract a more engaged customer base.

5. Gorgias’ Integration

Customer service should be a priority for all eCommerce merchants. The entire experience surrounding purchasing a product online has greatly affected consumer behavior. That’s why Klaviyo offers Gorgias integration within its platform. You’ll be able to answer your customers’ questions regarding your SMS campaigns directly from the Gorgias platform. This integration will also allow you to have all your text messages in one place, or to send automated responses, all with the goal of helping customers as quickly as possible and improving their satisfaction.

6. Recharge’s Integration

Yet another way to optimize your customers’ eCommerce experience! If you link the Recharge subscription platform to your Klaviyo, you can boost your sales by sending emails to your subscribers who have recently unsubscribed, personalizing your emails with products from your subscribers’ subscription, and many more. In short, this integration will allow you to present the right content to the right customer, and at the right time in their buying process.

7.’s Integration is a loyalty platform that allows you to send exclusive offers to your subscribed customers. The fact that this platform can be linked to Klaviyo gives you many advantages. Whether it’s for consumer segmentation, email campaigns and flows related to the loyalty program, or email synchronization with Klaviyo, this integration will allow you to personalize and optimize your actions to the maximum.

8. Meta’s Integration (Facebook, Instagram)

Finally, if you haven’t already integrated Facebook with your email platform, we recommend you do it as soon as possible. As well as seeing your number of subscribers skyrocket, you could considerably improve the performance of your ads. You will be able to export the audiences engaged with your emails directly into your advertising account in order to create audiences that look like these users (with the Lookalike feature). It also allows you to generate forms that collect emails and automatically go to one of your Klaviyo lists. What is the easiest way to get more subscribers and ensure you benefit from the advantages of first-party data?


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