Bradörf & Origa

An eCommerce strategy focused on brand repositioning

Bradörf & Origa is a hair-styling product distributor. B&O products offer customers a hair salon experience at home.





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Bradorf Shopify Plus Platform


Brand Repositioning

Novatize’s mandate was to design and develop the new B&O website on the Shopify Plus platform. With a new brand image developed by Les Mauvais Garçons and based on great customer service and professionalism, Novatize had to apply this image to the online customer experience. Also included in the mandate were the installation of payment terminals in the company’s physical points of sale and the elaboration of a launch strategy.


Increase Awareness

Coiffure à Rabais undertook a brand repositioning strategy to reinforce their clientele’s perception of them as market leader and benchmark for professional hair products. It was important to integrate the new Bradörf et Origa brand values when designing the visitor experience. Novatize also had to ensure that the new company image would not negatively affect traffic flow or customer loyalty. In a nutshell, Novatize had to impress existing Bradörf & Origa clients while also helping new audiences discover the brand.

Bradorf & Origa Mobile Experience
Bradorf & Origa Product Page


Metrics that speak for themselves

Following the launch of the new website, there was a significant increase in the number of monthly visits (+24% compared to the past year’s monthly averages). In a survey of 210 randomly selected visitors, 85.5% of respondents said they found, or easily found, the product they were looking for among the 4000 products on the website, thus proving the efficiency of the search engine and of the filter and categorization features specifically designed for the brand. Furthermore, 88.5% of respondents said their online shopping experience was enjoyable or very enjoyable. The conversion rate is now 3.11%, the average visit duration is 2:42 minutes, and half of the clients revisit the website within two months. Lastly, the respondents also said they found the Bradörf & Origa brand inspiring or very inspiring, demonstrating a most positive reaction to the brand refresh.

The Novatize team has been highly involved in our company’s evolution for the past five years. We are happy to flourish with them by our side.

Sylvie Adam

General Manager - Bradörf & Origa