Fusion and acquisition - Cantin Beauté capitalizes on data consolidation and customer experience

Cantin Beauté is the Quebec leader in the distribution of products for beauty professionals. Unique experience, personalized service and a distinguished offer position Cantin Beauté at the forefront and allow its customers to operate the best hair and beauty salons on the market.



Adoption to the platform


Lifetime value of a client



Unify the experience after a merger / acquisition

Design a data consolidation and business operations strategy for a business acquisition to unify experiences and deliver value to the new customer base.


Maximize new customer adoption

By integrating the acquired company’s customer data, new customers were quickly able to purchase a new product offering based on their past purchases. Incoming orders were centralized and the critical mass of data allowed for a more tailored experience.



Absolute value creation for the new group

1 year after the integration project, customer adoption is a success and the frequency of online purchases continues to increase. The lifetime value of a customer is easily measurable and increasing due to the new integrated offering and personalization.

The implemented technology now allows to open new revenue channels with direct sales to consumers.

“Novatize successfully led the execution of a key digital project that helped us in a crucial business growth stage at Cantin Beauté.”

Éric Bouchard

President - Cantin