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Data transformation

Data transformation is one of the main pillars of eCommerce strategy. It's an important prerequisite for business intelligence. It involves harnessing and transforming data to extract knowledge and insights that can be used to improve operational efficiency and profitability. Data transformation includes techniques such as data processing, data analysis, automatic learning and data visualization.

Data transformation is an essential process for eCommerce merchants wishing to optimize their strategy and marketing. It enables them to analyze the data collected on their site and transform it into actionable information to develop their sales. It can be applied in a variety of contexts, including advertising targeting, customer journey analysis, sales forecasting, customer segmentation and more.

Data transformation will be essential for a company undergoing a merger or acquisition, opening a new online sales channel, integrating a new product range, changing eCommerce technology or more.

Novatize will work with you to ensure that the format, structure or source of your data is a strategic lever and not a barrier to your eCommerce strategy.

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