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eCommerce and interface optimization

An eCommerce business needs to be continuously optimized and updated. This is essential to ensure the smooth running and security of your online store. Updates are necessary to ensure system compatibility with new technologies and browsers, and to add new features and improve performance. Optimization is also a great way to boost your strategy and marketing, enabling you to introduce new products and services, create compelling campaigns and deliver a better customer experience.

Do you have interface issues that are getting in the way of your growth strategy? Novatize can help you:
• Perform a technical audit and identify possible improvements and risks;
• Perform a UX-UI audit to identify opportunities and irritants in the user experience;
• Carry out a partial or complete redesign of your eCommerce site;
• Migrate your eCommerce to a new technology;
• Find optimizations that could have an impact on your conversion rate or eCommerce performance;
• Fix problems (or bugs) on your eCommerce;
• Design and implement innovative and effective designs for your platform;
• Implement new technology to improve your experience or efficiency;
• And much more!

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