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The internationalization of eCommerce activities involves expanding the presence and sales of products and services on an international scale. An eCommerce internationalization strategy will need to be planned in terms of technology, marketing, logistics and so on. Merchants who choose to internationalize their eCommerce can benefit from greater visibility, a larger customer base and access to wider markets.

To ensure the success of your internationalization strategy, Novatize is the ideal partner for:
• Conduct eCommerce market research;
• Adapt site content and design to the new target market;
• Implement a technological strategy based on composable commerce (MACH architecture) to facilitate internationalization;
• Duplicate or adapt the front-end store;
• Implement functionalities specific to internationalization: multi-currency, multi-language, taxes, etc;
• Set up a marketplace in a new market (ex.: Amazon Canada, Amazon US);
• Design and implement an advertising strategy for a new market;
• And much more!

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