We live to create a world united by commerce and thriving on innovation.

Every day, technology and commerce enthusiasts join forces to create unique digital experiences dedicated to the growth of great organizations. We believe that the synergy between marketing strategy and technology creates an unmatched value in the market.

About us -  Novatize


Who we are

Our journey begins in 2014. The eCommerce giants bubble marked by the rise of Amazon and the revolution of what used to be known as commerce. We overcame threats such as disintermediation for distributors, we seized opportunities such as consumer adoption of recurring pricing models. But most importantly, we met, worked with and helped organizations that strive to create the best products in their respective industries, building a better world, one sale at a time.

We envision a world united by commerce and thriving on innovation. We are a team that ranges from the hardcore geek to the business-obsessed analyst. We seek to simplify the lives of our customers and help organizations to harvest the full potential of the digital economy.

We are Novatize. eCommerce is our Core.


We accompany you through your eCommerce journey. Explore opportunities and how we can help you reach your goals.


What we live by

  1. Fun

    What’s creating great eCommerce solutions if we’re not having fun doing so?

  2. Transparency

    We preach transparency in our relationships.

  3. Impact

    We strive to create an impact in every project undertaken.

  4. Self-realization

    Everyday we each learn something new to fulfill our will to push further.


Where we live

We evolve in a fast-growing city where innovation and creativity meet to create new and disruptive digital initiatives. Home to the best food in North America and reflecting a history of glorious fights between European conquerors, Québec city holds the fort to the prestigious Château Frontenac, Hôtel de Glace, Québec Carnival and Promenade du Petit Champlain.

Novatize is located at the heart of the key events and attractions of the city, next to the St-Joseph street where local producers, artists, and chefs express their passion every day.

Our Team

Who’s behind Novatize ?

Meet the crew that will materialize your ecommerce vision and work hand in hand with your key players.

François-Jérôme Gosselin
François-Jérôme Gosselin CEO & Business analyst
Philippe Paquêt-De Varennes
Philippe Paquêt-De Varennes VP Sales & Marketing
Pierre-Olivier Brassard
Pierre-Olivier Brassard VP Technologies
Caroline Boivin
Caroline Boivin Lead Back End
David Durand
David Durand Full Stack developer
Francis Leduc
Francis Leduc UX/UI Designer
Gabrielle P. Beaudoin
Gabrielle P. Beaudoin Project manager
Nicholas-David Labarre
Nicholas-David Labarre Analyst programmer
Pierre-Antoine Simard
Pierre-Antoine Simard Front-End developer
Simon Paradis
Simon Paradis eCommerce Strategist
Stéphanie Salman
Stéphanie Salman Project manager
Sébastien Cliche-Roy
Sébastien Cliche-Roy eCommerce strategist

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We are driven by return on investment and the performance of our customers. Discover the impact of eCommerce in organizations.

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