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Becoming an online leader in the boardshop industry

Alternative113 is a Quebec pioneer in the snowboard, skateboard and urban fashion market. Having stood out with a first online store in 2006, the brand has been managed and operated by snowboarders since its foundation. Their priority: to offer good quality products and exceptional customer service.

Alternative113 platform


Modernize to evolve

The implementation of the Magento 2 solution connected with the ERP within the organization has enabled Alternative113 to honor their promise to offer more to their customers. An approach based on the unification of systems and validity of information brings the brand to life for the company’s international customers.

Success factors

Product data as a strategy

Novatize has thought and designed a new user experience based on the product data accumulated by Alternative113. With precise and relevant product features; search, filters, and targeting allow for a smooth experience that increases conversion rate and loyalty.

The Novatize team has modernized our digital infrastructure so that we can continue to grow and serve our customers up to our high standards.

Patrick Trottier

Snowboader and owner - Alternative113

Our methodology has enabled Alternative113 to develop its future marketing plans and maintain its lead in the market. The new experience directly influenced online sales and the simplified management of e-commerce operations allowed the company to focus on their true added value: customer service.