Altrum Recognition

Celebrating achievements and inspiring people has never been simpler.

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Automation meets personalization. Customer satisfaction and optimized management translate into concrete results.


Faster order processing time


Costs reduction from efficiency


Faster Shipping & Handling time


Inspiring and engaging employees

With more than 60 years of expertise, Altrum helps companies develop employee engagement and organizational profitability through the implementation of tailored recognition programs supported by symbolic rewards.



Improve customer service

Through decisive and concrete actions to give more to their customers, Altrum reaches out to Novatize to implement a digital commerce solution that will offer their customers a fully customized shopping experience to automate business processes, build customer loyalty and stand out from the competition.


Customization, performance and scalability

The Altrum and Novatize teams worked together to offer users a Magento e-commerce platform that combines speed, product personalization and a unique customer experience for each business customer.

The multi-site structure allows customers to shop within an enterprise-like experience, consult products that are unique to their organization, and even operate according to their own business rules.

The Novatize team was able to advise us on good practices in eCommerce. Their advice allowed us to make informed decisions about our long-term vision of the project.

Julie-Maude Coutellier Bilodeau

Advisor, Client Solutions and Marketing - Altrum Recognition


Investing in customer experience

The solution implemented increased operational efficiency by 75% and contributed directly to an equivalent cost reduction by automating several ordering processes and increasing the purchase frequency. Altrum has positioned itself as a market leader by investing in customer experience.