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Ketto Design

Differentiate with creativity

Ketto is a brand established in Quebec City that offers design collections featuring original artwork and fairy characters. Designers of this original universe, Catherine and Julie, offer to both children and adults a wide range of products: handbags, backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, beauty accessories, coffee mugs, etc. Since 1998, this colorful organization has grown thanks to a well-built distribution network that is continuously asking for more.

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A well-implemented Amazon offering

Ketto’s team had the experience and resources to tackle multiple online sales channels. Their growth could therefore be based on adding their products to Amazon Canada and Amazon United States. The role entrusted to Novatize was mainly focused on developing a strategy of implementation and growth adapted to a Private Label offer non-existing in the catalog of the eCommerce giant.


Synchronize and support growth

Novatize applied a strategy incorporating an opportunity analysis, a launch plan and an ingenious integration technique. Using the right system, our team created a bridge between the Magento eCommerce platform and Amazon. Quickly, the products were listed and each content field was synchronized with the information from the eCommerce platform. The technical efficiency of this method has left us quality time to support Ketto in the deployment of advertising strategies and to apply content improvement initiatives.

Amazon’s strategists at Novatize offer us a collaborative and flexible support. They help us to better understand the issues and opportunities of this market.

Catherine Fafard

CEO - Ketto Design


Reach a new market

Ketto currently offers more than 400 products on Amazon, in Canada and in the United States. Thanks to the multiple platforms integration, the collections are now continuously updated and orders are centralized. With the support of our team, Ketto can benefit from most of Amazon’s marketing tools and sees a direct impact on sales. Every initiative launched with our plan helps to improve the SEO ranking of products on Amazon.

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