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An implementation is very complex for a flammable product, especially when Amazon has to store and ship the seller's items.


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Super Remover

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Since 1979, Super Remover has built a solid reputation among major retailers in Canada. New standards and constraints related to this type of product have led Sébastien Plourde, president of Super Remover, to surround himself with new resources to breathe new life into the company. With a renewed range of products and a tailor-made web strategy, Super Remover started by targeting the American market on Amazon. Two years later, the Amazon Canadian marketplace was added to the strategy and some complementary products were added to the inventory.

Super Remover - #1 Best Seller


A niche opportunity on Amazon

In recent years, significant changes have shaken the paint stripper industry. The Super Remover team seized the opportunity to adapt to these changes. At a time when all the competitors had withdrawn from the market, Super Remover arrived with a “new generation” product. The role entrusted to Novatize was first to proceed with the implementation of such a product in FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). This mission required an impeccable logistical approach, given the complexity of the product, and required good relations with Amazon specialized teams.


Respect the framework and pave your way

Novatize expected strong resistance from Amazon. A product that is flammable and containing chemical ingredients is treated with great care by specialized Amazon teams. The strategy was therefore to follow carefully the prescribed framework for selling in FBA at Amazon and to present solid and founded arguments for each obstacle encountered. The support offered to Super Remover has been a phased implementation where the challenge did not lie in the configuration and launch of the products, but rather in the proactive arguments and collaboration with Amazon.

The Novatize team has shown great involvement in our integration on Amazon. Despite the complexity of the challenge, they guided us towards obtaining results and maintaining a competitive position on marketplaces.

Sébastien Plourde

President - Super Remover


Conquer a new market

The case study of Super Remover is proof that perseverance pays off. Our client’s openness and collaboration allowed us not to rush the process and to get it right. The products, listed in FBA, are experiencing a steady increase in sales in addition to having displayed the # 1 “New Release” badge in their category. As this manufacturer now sells a couple of thousands of items monthly, we have managed to secure a very large flammable inventory space in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Just over a year after the account was launched, Novatize predicts that Super Remover will become the best seller in its category.

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