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Launching an innovative product online

Tero is a start-up that is experiencing extraordinary success. The team has developed a technological device that efficiently turns food waste into a natural fertiliser. The goal is to create a positive social and environmental impact on a global scale by inspiring change in the way people manage their food waste on a daily basis. Tero was an instant hit with its launch via a crowdfunding campaign in 2019. Today, the Tero device is available through eCommerce and soon will be found on shop shelves.


75 000

Tero community members

50 %

reduction in the ecological footprint of garbage bins

100 %

designed and made in Québec

50 %

of web traffic from organic and direct channels



Leveraging Shopify Plus for continued growth

After generating unprecedented interest when their launch was announced, the Tero team now need to deliver the units sold while working to maximise growth.

To do this, they chose Novatize to help them grow their eCommerce business on Shopify Plus. Our team was involved in the web marketing strategy, website user experience, online customer service and more.


An expansion in line with brand mission and values

A smooth launch was imperative to Tero in order to best serve the community that participated in the social fundraising campaign. Furthermore, the aim is to continue to grow by ensuring the velocity of pre-sales of Tero devices. A key element to sustaining this growth is an international expansion on Shopify Plus. Nevertheless, these actions must be carried out in alignment with the values of sustainable development that are common to Tero and Novatize.

Tero Shopify Plus Platform
Tero Device


A company well-equipped for rapid growth

The different initiatives put in place by Novatize supported Tero’s positioning through its launch and helped develop its credibility in the market. With an almost 360° management of their eCommerce, Novatize has supported the company’s strong growth, and allowed Tero to be well equipped for rapid expansion.

The values, integrated service offering and agile practice make Novatize the partner of choice for a young direct-to-consumer brand with ambitious growth objectives. I recommend Novatize to all organisations that want to achieve tangible eCommerce results.

Cyrille J.

Marketing Director - Tero

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