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A customised, high-performing subscription service

Oatbox is a Quebec-based business operating in the food industry with a strong environmental commitment. Organic Canadian oats is the main ingredient in its wide range of plant-based products. To maximise growth, the company is banking on a subscription-based model; it offers the recurring delivery of its healthy and savoury products that can be customised to suit customers’ unique needs.



Canadian oats

25 000+

possible subscription combinations


personalised SMS's sent


apps connected to Shopify Plus

Oatbox Shopify Plus Platform


Multiplying options while simplifying the shopping experience

To help reach its goals, Oatbox entrusted Novatize with a development mandate to improve the customer experience on their Shopify Plus platform by giving customers the ability to create their own unique subscription box. The complexity of the mandate lies in the large number of possible product combinations and the importance of maintaining a simple and enjoyable on-site experience.


Maximising customer acquisition and retention

To convert and retain the largest number of clients possible, Oatbox opted for the development of a customer portal offering customised subscription and renewal options based on a customer’s personal preferences.

The Novatize team therefore developed the shopping experience with the integration of Sidecart to manage subscription box product options, the configuration of Langify to translate the website, and the creation of the customer portal to allow subscribers to modify their products, delivery frequency, payment options, and more.

The team also helped with the implementation of Klaviyo Email & SMS to allow Oatbox to communicate upcoming changes with its existing customer base in a clear and personalised manner.

Oatbox Shopify Plus Platform
100% Canadian Oats


Taking full advantage of the subscription business model

The work done by Novatize allows customers to subscribe to Oatbox products on Shopify Plus and to modify their subscription preferences freely. The company now has the ideal technological ecosystem to take full advantage of its subscription-based business model.

Oatbox is so grateful for the hard work and support provided by the Novatize team. We immediately felt we were in good hands. We could rely on competent collaborators, but even more importantly, on receptive and responsive human beings. A huge thanks from the entire team!

Audrée Marois

Marketing Director - Oatbox