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Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a digital marketing strategy that uses tools and technologies to automate marketing processes. It is a solution that enables companies to gather customer data and use this data to develop more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. It also enables companies to maintain consistent communication with their customers and prospects, and improve their long-term relationships.

Novatize can help you set up :
• A technological implementation for a marketing automation tool (e.g. Klaviyo);
• An automated flow strategy for your pre, during and post-purchase process;
• Implementation of e-mail or SMS messages, such as abandoned cart relaunches, welcome series or post-purchase follow-ups;
• Implementation of an e-mail marketing strategy for your various sales channels (e.g. Amazon);
• Optimization of your data and marketing automation audiences;
• A specific promotional strategy (e.g. BFCM);
• Copywriting and creation of visual content for marketing automation;
• And much more!

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