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11 Oct 2022

Amazon Accelerate 2022: Innovations & Insights

Amazon Accelerate 2022: Innovations & Insights

Amazon Accelerate took place in Seattle in September 2022. For its first year in hybrid mode, our team was there to learn what new features the leader will offer sellers to improve their results and experience on the marketplace.

1. Email Marketing

Amazon will offer a new email marketing service to reach more customers interested in your products. Currently, the platform allows for third-party application integration to add email automation or to send a message about your new products to your brand’s followers in the US marketplace. In 2023, for sellers on, it will be possible to send messages to 4 types of customers: Your most frequent customers who buy your products regularly, the newest customers and consumers who have a high purchase volume. Metrics will also be available to measure the impact of your campaigns on your results. After launch, Amazon will add the ability to modify your messages by editing the HTML code or with their predefined template.

2. Premium A+ Content

Most sellers on Amazon know about A+ Content. This is a free tool for registered brand owners to enrich the content of your product page with additional text and images. To find out if you are eligible for Premium A+ Content, go to your A+ Content Manager and validate it. This new type of content will allow you to integrate interactive visuals for your customers such as Q&A, videos or carousels to present your different products. On average, brands notice an increase in sales of up to 20% with the use of Premium A+ Content.

3. Account Health Insurance

As we all know, a locked account is one of the worst experiences you can have on Amazon, especially when your account is well managed, but a simple error or inventory synchronization problem destroys your entire account health. Amazon. This insurance will allow you to no longer fear a suspension of the account for a simple mistake. To access it, you must have had flawless account health for a long time (it still hasn’t been confirmed) and have an emergency phone number so that support can quickly contact you to remedy the situation. Amazon seems to want to give their sellers more chances to learn and perfect their method before falling straight into suspension.

4. Escalate your case

Every seller on Amazon is aware of how difficult it can be to get the right help through the platform’s support. Prefabricated answers, solutions that have no relation to your real problem, etc., By 2023, Amazon will allow different sellers that with a single click to send their case to the superiors of Amazon Seller Support to get a proper response and solve their problems.

5. Data Access

As we know, it is difficult to obtain certain strategic information about the positioning of our products and the purchasing behavior of consumers on the platform. However, by the end of 2022 and throughout 2023, Amazon will make data available to sellers. Amazon will provide sellers with many reports that will allow them to better analyze their products against their competitors and more easily optimize their product sheet and offers to obtain considerable results! Also, if you use the Buy with Prime feature on your website, the customer information will all be available to you as a regular sale on your eCommerce platform.

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