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30 Sep 2022

Shopify Launches Shopify Collabs, a New Way for Merchants to Sell Online

Shopify Launches Shopify Collabs, a New Way for Merchants to Sell Online

Shopify, the global eCommerce leader announced on August 16, 2022 the launch of Shopify Collabs, a new free platform that allows its merchants to collaborate with creators and influencers to generate more sales. This new product also makes it easier for Shopify eCommerce owners to discover new partners and for creators to discover new business opportunities with independent brands.

Being valued at over $104 billions, the creator and influencer market is growing exponentially and shows no signs of stopping. Unfortunately, we are also in the period where costs per acquisition (CPA) are at their highest. That’s why Collabs offers Shopify merchants an easy and inexpensive way to discover and do business with creators who align with their brand. This way, merchants can harness the power of community commerce to reach consumers in a new and more meaningful way.

How does Shopify Collabs work?

– The Shopify merchant must first install Shopify Collabs in the Shopify admin interface and create an account.

– Then, they can edit and customize the look and feel of their community page, including colors, images, content, etc. The community page allows users to request to be part of it.

– Afterwards, the administrator sets up the application survey in his community application page so that it is accessible to creators. This is where collaborations begin.

Is Shopify Collabs a copy of Dovetail?

The short answer: no. In April 2022, the online retail giant acquired Dovetail, an app that aims to connect creators and merchants to sell products to their communities through influencer marketing. This purchase is one of many marketing moves by Shopify to position itself as go-to eCommerce software for the creator space. The eCommerce giant also announced earlier this year Linkpop, a link in bio tool, aimed at creators who want to promote and aggregate the various links shared across their various platforms, into one place.

How do payments work on Shopify Collabs?

Transactions are made with PayPal from PayPal’s bundled payments integration (PayPal Payouts). This allows you to pay your affiliates directly from your Shopify admin interface. To use PayPal’s Bundled Payments solution, you must have a PayPal business account and have PayPal’s Bundled Payments enabled.

To guide you in the development of your video content creation strategies, Shopify offers a free template to help you plan your campaigns for your social networks.

In a nutshell:

Shopify Collabs, the tool that follows Shopify’s acquisition of Dovetail, is a perfect product to start or improve your influencer marketing strategy. Connecting with creators, building new business opportunities, developing new sales channels and connecting with your community is now easier with Collabs.

Shopify Collabs is available in the US and Canada today for merchants. As for U.S. and Canadian creators, they can also apply now for early access, from the Shopify website.

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