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Market a new brand online with unified commerce

Maui bikes is a young North American company specializing in selling electric bikes in Canada and the United States. Their goal is to make electric bikes as accessible as possible with various urban and sporty models, without compromising performance, price or look. 



New Brand


New Models

Objectives doubled for the next year



Designing a new brand to reflect renewal

Maui Bikes enlisted Novatize to review their 2023 bike line and develop a fresh brand identity and e-commerce site. The goal was to create a brand that embodies their commitment to top-notch service, offering both exceptional performance and enjoyment without compromise. Novatize collaborated with the Maui team throughout the entire process, from brand design to digital marketing strategy. To support the new brand, Novatize also created photo and video content for marketing purposes, which is now being utilized across Maui’s Shopify site and other marketplaces like Amazon and Meta.


Centralize to rule better

By taking advantage of all of our services: branding, web design, content creation, advertising strategy, marketplaces, development and strategy, the Maui team has the ability to spontaneously grow its team to support the diverse needs necessary for a successful omnichannel launch. In addition, by integrating all of these services into a rapid deployment plan, the Maui team is ready to test different markets in record time.



A new personality and a unified business strategy

By producing the brand, site and all content, Novatize was able to plan the rollout of this new brand across all channels simultaneously. This strategy allows us to launch the new product catalog just before the peak sales season of the year. In addition, by centralizing content production, we are able to provide a consistent and efficient omnichannel experience. This is a key factor in creating and sustaining awareness of this new brand.