Is your business ready for unified commerce? Find out more

03 Oct 2023

Is your company ready for unified commerce?

Is your company ready for unified commerce?

Les Affaires recently published an article highlighting a new strategy gaining momentum in the world of commerce: unified commerce.

Following our study in collaboration with Leger, which showed that 45% of Canadians are inclined to use recommendations and shopping tips based on their buying behavior and profile, it became more than necessary for us to put forward tools that enable eCommerce to offer a customized, user-friendly experience to its customers.

To read the full article, click here [French only].

Can your company benefit from a unified commerce strategy?

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“In 2023, we’re in a fairly evolving market. First of all, there are a lot of challenges with data protection regulations, including Law 25, but at the same time, consumers want highly personalized experiences. More and more, customers expect a company to know what they need.

François-Jérôme Gosselin, President of Novatize.

Unified commerce enables companies to follow the customer’s buying journey both online on different platforms and in physical stores. It offers the possibility of centralizing data collected ethically and with user consent, and then using it to personalize the experience.

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Some examples

A clothing brand, for example, could know when a customer has purchased one of its products on its site, but also from another retailer who distributes its brand. It could then offer complementary products. What’s more, a manufacturer with multiple distribution centers can offer its customers a consistent online ordering experience in a single shopping cart, despite inventory challenges.

“Unified commerce is the generation of e-commerce that eliminates the barrier between digital commerce and the store. With it, we’re able to move a virtual basket to an in-store basket. When someone comes to pick up the products they’ve ordered online, we know right away who they are. We can take advantage of their visit to suggest items that match their preferences.

François-Jérôme Gosselin, President of Novatize.

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