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12 Jun 2024

What does it mean to be a Product Owner at Novatize?

What does it mean to be a Product Owner at Novatize?

As a firm specializing in eCommerce and unified commerce, we support eCommerce merchants on a daily basis in their various technological needs and offer them high-performance solutions to become a trusted partner. Since 2014, we’ve supported medium and large-sized companies such as Simons, VIA Rail, Garant, Lambert, OMY, Rawlings, Telfar, Baffin and many others.

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Product Owner at Novatize plays an essential role in the mandates, since they are responsible for customer relations as well as project strategy. On average, a Product Owner will have between 4 and 5 customer mandates at a time. The Product Owner must be able to defend the interests of their team, as well as those of their customers. A sense of trust must be present from the beginning, and this translates into an awareness of needs and the trust they install within the production teams and the customer. The role also requires strong communication skills and the ability to bring out the different expertise of colleagues.


Day-to-day of a Product Owner at Novatize

With customers

The Product Owner participates and leads follow-up meetings with customers to discuss the progress of projects and propose value-added ideas. The aim is to bring them expertise that the company could not find elsewhere. One of the most important elements is the understanding of needs by all project members, but first and foremost by the Product Owner. So it’s vital that they have optimal customer meetings. To prepare for them, it’s a good idea to have an agenda ready, to cover all topics related to business decisions, to prioritize tasks and to propose appropriate solutions that correspond to the initial need. A large part of the job is also to answer customers’ day-to-day questions, do follow up to show how the project is progressing, demonstrate the impact it’s having on their organization, and provide precise figures to reassure them.  


With the team

The Product Owner is responsible for creating tasks for the team, and ensures that customer needs are met throughout the project by translating customer objectives to the internal team. Sprint preparation, prepared in collaboration with the Scrum Masters and Project Managers, is also a very important part of the job, as it enables the team to anticipate and plan future work according to availability, team capacity and customer priorities, with the aim of improving team performance and project success.

“It’s really motivating to work with the Product Owner team. They’re naturally dynamic, easy to communicate with and have an energy that stands out.”

– Marie-Pier Laflamme, eCommerce Strategy and Product Lead

The importance of a Product Owner within a squad

At Novatize, our teams are divided into “squads”. The role of Product Owner is very important in a squad, because the person who assumes this role must ensure that the objectives and priorities of each mandate are properly communicated to the team and to customers. They are the bridge between the various project stakeholders.

“As a designer, working with a Product Owner in agile mode is a rewarding experience. By working hand-in-hand with the Product Owner, who has an in-depth understanding of customer needs and challenges, we are able to design custom solutions while respecting budgetary constraints. Working with such an orchestral leader enables us to maintain product integrity, achieve our business objectives and meet user expectations.”

– Christina Patry, Web designer

How does it differ from a Product Owner position at another company? 

At Novatize, the Product Owner stands out for their ability to challenge customer needs, especially because of their knowledge of eCommerce. Having a good understanding of the different services offered by the company is very important for success, and brings credibility that is attractive to customers. What we want to do is add value and demonstrate the quality of our various in-house expertises.

“Working at Novatize checks all my “boxes”; I have opportunities to challenge myself on a daily basis, I’m surrounded by specialist experts who like to have fun, and the customers I work with have ambitious goals that require innovative implementations and developments. Unlike a corporate Product Owner position, I get to work on several products to meet a range of different needs – while interacting with a multitude of different stakeholders. The primary objective remains the same: to create maximum value for my customers at all times!”

– Tristan Daoust-Patrão, Product Owner

Finally, Product Owner at Novatize goes far beyond simple project management. It’s a key position that requires skills in communication, strategy and understanding customer needs. The Product Owner is an intermediary, capable of creating a solid bridge between internal teams and customers. This role is essential to ensure project success and customer satisfaction. Thanks to their collaborative approach and ability to adapt, Novatize’s Product Owners are able to build lasting relationships of trust, leverage in-house skills and constantly challenge requirements to deliver customized solutions. It’s this expertise and rigor that sets Novatize apart and makes us a leader in the eCommerce field.

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