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Omy Laboratoires

Revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with personalization

Before Omy Laboratoires, there were two friends, Andrea Gomez and Rachelle Séguin, with one mission: to offer multi-action skin care adapted to sensitive skin. 

Cosmeticians before becoming Masters in Business Administration and Pharmaceutical Sciences respectively, they saw first-hand the lack of options for multi-challenged skin. In 2018, Omy Laboratoires became the first Quebec company to offer fully customized face creams and serums, with 100% vegan ingredients and offered in eco-responsible packaging. Omy Laboratoires has revolutionized the cosmetics industry through the use of artificial intelligence. Skin AI analysis enables customers to create a unique, personalized skincare routine.

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eCommerce redesign on Shopify 2.0 and complex data management

Novatize’s mandate was to overhaul OMY’s Shopify 2.0 and enhance its new brand image. 

An important part of the mandate was the redesign of the product customizer. The OMY team changed the nomenclature of ingredients, textures and fragrances, and this required us to review the entire way in which information was entered into the database. We also had to think about the architecture of the solution to be adopted, since OMY’s structure presented a number of challenges and specificities. The solution had to be scalable to enable them to carry out future projects, without being too complex to offer management autonomy to the OMY team.


Teamwork and an agile process

The Novatize team and the OMY team worked closely together to design the new eCommerce site. The UX-UI design phase included, among other things, the style guide, product sheets, product customizer, user journey and much more.

The Novatize team then overhauled the database for customizable products and migrated historical data. Several specific situations added to the complexity of the project. For example, a customer wishing to recommend an old customized product, review a Skin IA formula previously registered to the account, or simply continue to honor a subscription to a customized product. Indeed, even if OMY changed the nomenclature and the way they entered their ingredient, texture and fragrance data, the user experience was not to be affected. On the contrary, the aim was to improve it, while optimizing internal processes and aligning with the new brand image. 

On the front-end, Novatize’s experts developed key sections of the site, such as the navigation menu, product sheets for non-customized products and product sheets for customized products.



Customers at the heart of the decision-making process

The launch was a real success. The OMY and Novatize teams were well prepared, and the launch went off without a hitch. Since the redesign, we’ve seen an increase in sessions, an increase in sales related to personalized products and an increase in customer retention. Customer needs and preferences are at the heart of the creation and integration process. Customers love the product customiser!

« The Novatize team really cared about the success of the project. They managed the project as if it were their own. They went beyond their mandate to ensure that the OMY team had everything in hand to deliver the project on time ».

Edouard Garceau

IT Project Manager - Omy Laboratoires