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Doyon Després

Multi-channel eCommerce growth

The result of a merger between Doyon Cuisine and Després Laporte, Doyon Després quickly became a leader in the distribution of kitchenware and equipment. With thousands of high-quality products and province-wide service, the company is fast becoming a major player in retailing. To support their growth ambitions, Doyon Després entrusted Novatize with the mission of supporting the expansion of their online business by building a strategy focused on user experience.

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Average conversion rate account wide


ROAS on Cooking Class ad campaigns

200 000+



products listed on Amazon Canada



A global acquisition strategy

Starting the year with a simple advertising mix, Doyon Després needed to establish a global acquisition strategy in order to maintain its position at the top of the market and gain notoriety with new buyers unfamiliar with their branches. Our marketing specialists had many tasks to tackle, including optimizing the customer experience, creating new opportunities via acquisition media, and establishing a presence on marketplaces.


A Magento platform supported by a complete marketing ecosystem

The team quickly prioritized projects to protect Doyon Després’ investments and maximize the value derived from them. Following the initial audit, our experts supported Doyon Després in updating their Adobe Commerce (Magento) website to ensure a pleasant and viable shopping experience for their customers. Addressing critical issues such as shipping, site tree structure and shopping cart.

Subsequently, our marketing and content creation specialists took up the torch to build a refined range of advertising campaigns that accompany the customer throughout his or her purchasing journey. A fine use of in-branch campaigns for cooking classes allows us to identify a first point of entry for qualified customers. This is complemented by the efforts of our colleagues in the marketplaces team, who optimize the selection of items, as well as Doyon Després’ advertising campaigns on Amazon. 

This approach allows us to have the best tools in place to ensure a constant flow of high-value customers for Doyon Després, and to capture all the key data for their Web positioning.



Solid foundations for accelerating growth

The results achieved are a direct reflection of the performance of our experts, encompassing customer satisfaction, the trust established and the achievement of set objectives. With the help of numerous initiatives, Doyon Després is not only seeing an increase in traffic, but also in the quality of its clientele. We’re seeing steady growth in the number of sessions, conversion rates and repeat purchases on eCommerce and Amazon.

“Novatize is an excellent partner who has accompanied us in several Web development and improvement projects, while respecting our budget and schedule. This is our first year working with them, and it certainly won’t be our last!”

Stéphanie Cloutier

Marketing & Customer Experience Director - Doyon Després