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Archex/Sani-Tech Group

Adapting B2B eCommerce to new customers and markets

Groupe Sani-Tech is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized architectural products better known by the industry label “Division 10”. The company offers a wide range of bathroom accessories, toilet partitions, hand dryers, expansion joints, wall protection, stair nosings, access hatches, screened partitions (lockers), screened curtains, roll-up screened doors, lockers, mailboxes, laminate countertops and much more.

Founded in 1975, Groupe Sani-Tech is a B2B company with a strong reputation in Quebec, and has grown rapidly in recent years, consolidating its expertise with key acquisitions. Today, Groupe Sani-Tech carries out thousands of projects across Canada each year, and distributes its products in the United States and Latin America.



Automate processes to serve new and existing customers

This is where the challenge arose of continuing to serve the smallest existing customers with the same level of quality as in the days of the small family business in the Quebec City area. With growth and the opening up of new markets, the integration and automation of recurring processes and operations became necessary. The opportunity to make a portion of the product catalog available directly to consumers on an eCommerce platform also represents considerable growth potential in Quebec, as well as in Canada and the United States. 

Novatize has been entrusted with the overall mandate of developing a strategy to attack this new market. This 360-degree view of the project will enable the team to develop valuable knowledge of the company, its products, its customers, its objectives and its market, and to work on a fully integrated strategy ranging from image and branding development to the development and launch strategy of the eCommerce platform.


Establish a solid positioning to tackle a completely new market

The first crucial task was to solidify the company’s business strategy, positioning and brand image for the new B2C and fully automated business reality. Groupe Sani-Tech underwent a major introspection process, which enabled them to identify and fully embrace a strategic positioning adapted as a new player in this market, and specifically designed for the new digital markets.



New customers and new markets thanks to expertise

The group’s new sister brand, Archex, designed specifically for the new digital markets and for entry into the ROC and the US, is a natural evolution of the Sani-Tech brand and builds on the company’s strengths and reputation in Quebec. 

The new Archex brand and eCommerce platform skilfully communicate simplicity, boldness, evolution and expertise with a well-assumed personality. The visual codes of the new brand are a direct evolution of the tiles in the logo of its parent company, a thoughtful nod to the evolution of the company but also to the nature of the products offered. 

Armed with a new, flexible, bilingual platform for its product catalog, Archex is now hard at work with the Novatize team on an integrated strategy that will include a well-honed marketplace and launch strategy to promote its expertise in Quebec and far beyond.

“For our company, entering the world of eCommerce was a whole new adventure. We had to review several processes, revise the information available in our systems, change our ways of doing things, establish new measures, revisit our brand image, and so on. Being well supported by the Novatize team was reassuring. Their work methods helped us avoid many unforeseen events and maximize our investment. Now that the project has been delivered, we are continuing and will continue to work with the Novatize team to optimize our customers’ experience and the return for our company!”

Toby Lessard

Sales and development manager - Archex/Sani-Tech Group