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Premium Parts

Stand out from the competition on Amazon

Québec Pièces Premium Parts inc. is a family-run business specializing in the manufacture and distribution of superior-quality replacement parts for 4×4 and SUV (4-wheel drive) vehicles of various makes. The company sells on its eCommerce site, as well as on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. With the steady growth of the aftermarket, Premium Parts is keen to expand its online presence in the North American market and set itself apart from the competition.


ROAS on Amazon Canada


Increase in sales (Yoy)


Increase in sessions on product pages (Yoy)


increase in units sold on Amazon (YOY)



Responding to market competition

Premium Parts was facing increasingly fierce competition on various marketplaces, and the team wanted to improve its SEO performance and the management of its advertising campaigns. Premium Parts also wanted to strengthen its brand image and content on marketplaces, and needed help optimizing its supply chain for orders placed.


Increase presence in Canada and the U.S.

Keyword research work was carried out quickly for the client, which enabled all existing product listings on the Amazon account to be optimized first. New products were then added to expand market coverage in Canada. Advertising campaigns were also put in place to stand out from competitors and stimulate initial sales of new products. Recommendations were also made to use the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) service for certain products in the account to increase conversion rates. The US market was also crucial to the strategy.



A significant rise in sales

Thanks to improvements to product pages and the creation of new offers, the number of sessions per product has increased by 280% over the past year, while maintaining the same conversion rate. The results were almost immediate, with a growing demand for this type of product on marketplaces. Advertising campaigns in Canada increased sales by 180% over the past year, with a ROAS of 26. Switching certain offers to FBA mode increased the number of units sold by over 70% in one year, while reducing the Premium Parts team’s order management operations. All this was achieved simultaneously with the development of sales on the American market.

“For over 2 years now, the Novatize team of experts has been supporting us in our development and providing technical service. With them, we’ve succeeded in setting ourselves apart in a field that’s already flooded with players and where the competition is fierce. We’ve developed a relationship of trust and friendly communication with a company of Canadian renown. The team offers white glove service, responsive support, and very professional staff. The results speak for themselves! Bravo and thank you again Novatize.”

Marc Chassé

Business Development - Premium Parts