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20 Feb 2024

Amazon promotes Quebec products on its platform

Amazon promotes Quebec products on its platform

Online shoppers on Amazon can now easily locate Quebec products thanks to a new partnership with Les Produits du Québec. The collaboration was announced in February 2024, marking an important step in showcasing local products on the Amazon Canada platform.

The recognizable logos of the Produit du Québec, Fabriqué au Québec and Conçu au Québec certifications are now clearly displayed on the relevant product sheets. In addition, a dedicated Quebec Products page has been created on Amazon, offering consumers a special showcase for discovering and purchasing items from Quebec manufacturers, whether certified or not.

This initiative comes at a time when more and more Quebec consumers are shopping online, with an estimated 46% of their online purchases made via Amazon (1)..


Amazon now displays products from Quebec to buyers

Les Produits du QuĂ©bec, founded in 2022 with the support of the Quebec government, aims to promote and enhance local products. This collaboration with Amazon aims to reach consumers where they make their purchasing decisions, recognizing the importance of the multinational’s presence in the online retail landscape.

Amazon, for its part, is affirming its commitment to supporting local purchasing by highlighting Les Produits du Québec-certified products. Some 1,700 products, manufactured by nearly forty Quebec companies, are currently available on the platform.

Novatize is proud to have supported several Quebec companies in their Amazon marketing strategy, including DeSerres, Tella & Stella,  Statera, Régence, Garant, The Unscented Company and many more. 

In brief, this collaboration between Amazon and Les Produits du QuĂ©bec opens up new opportunities for local manufacturers, while offering consumers greater accessibility to Quebec products on the world’s largest online shopping platform.

How can I display the certification on my Amazon product page?

To obtain one of the organization’s three certifications (Produit du QuĂ©bec, FabriquĂ© au QuĂ©bec, Conçu au QuĂ©bec), you must enroll in the program on the organization’s website. It’s important to note that Amazon is not directly involved in the three-stage Produit du QuĂ©bec certification process.

1. Application:

Register directly with Les Produits du QuĂ©bec c to submit your product or a group of products for certification. It’s important to have the necessary supporting documents to prove that the various stages in the manufacture of your products are carried out in Quebec. There is a membership fee, but it’s based on your company’s sales. So you can submit as many products as you like.

2. VĂ©rification:

Once the application has been completed, a verifier from the Organization will contact you to validate the various requests and documents you have submitted in your form. There is no fixed deadline, as it varies according to the complexity of the products and the number of submissions.

3. Confirmation :

Quebec Products confirms that your products are eligible for certification. You can then take advantage of the visibility and use of the various badges to promote your company on various platforms. Please note that Amazon will be adding the certifications to the various product pages of certified brands as they become available. The badge will appear under the product’s key points.

To learn more or to speak with a Novatize marketplace expert, contact us. 

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(1) NETendances 2022 report from the Academy of Digital Transformation.


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