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The Unscented Company

Continue its mission and convey its values on Amazon

Reducing one’s environmental footprint is what The Unscented Company is all about. Every-day products become an enjoyable, natural, and fragrance-free experience focused on sustainable development.

In numbers

854 521

plastic bottles diverted from landfill in 2020


of suppliers are within a 500km radius of their Montreal warehouse


growth in the first 4 months on Amazon Canada

Top 100

on Amazon Canada



Conveying their values on Amazon

Contributing to the collective effort is very simple with The Unscented Company and the outstanding quality of their products is recognized by all. This has enabled the company to reach the highest standards of performance, transparency, and corporate responsibility on the Web. The Novatize team is extremely proud to be part of this company’s success by guiding them in their marketplace strategy.


Encourage responsible consumer habits

When product implementation was entrusted to Novatize, the objective was not only to position the brand in a very specific niche market, but also to convince generic product users to adopt responsible consumer habits. Novatize’s insightful advice enabled The Unscented Company to develop a content strategy that reflects the brand’s fundamental values in addition to offering significant added value to Amazon consumers. Synergizing the content strategy with the advertising strategy empowered the company to have a most successful launch.

Refill Station
Sustainable Packaging


Unprecented growth

All products were sold out in less than 3 weeks. The brand’s exponential growth created major logistical challenges, but these setbacks are ancient history now and 4 months later the company boasts a sales increase of 550%!
The majority of products are now in the top 100 of their respective categories and new products are continuously being introduced. The Unscented Company is proof that a very niched brand can succeed on Amazon.

For us, Novatize was a key partner in the successful launch of The Unscented Company on Amazon. They were most diligent and enabled us to pursue our mission by facilitating access to our products.

Anie Rouleau

Founder and CEO - The Unscented Company