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25 Oct 2023

Novatize is proudly B Corp certified

Novatize is proudly B Corp certified

This achievement marks a turning point in its commitment to rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility. B Corp certification confirms Novatize’s deep commitment to a more sustainable and ethical future, and its leadership role in the e-commerce sector.

B Corp certification is a well-deserved recognition for Novatize, achieved through an in-depth verification process of its compliance with strict social and environmental impact standards. It means that Novatize has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, reinforcing its responsibility to all the people and entities influenced by its activities.


One of the most notable aspects of this certification is the increased commitment to transparency and accountability. Novatize openly discloses its performance via a public B Corp profile, enabling the public to closely follow its efforts and progress towards more sustainable and ethical business practices.

It’s an honor to be recognized as a B Corp company, and for Novatize, this achievement stems from the mobilization of the team itself. Novatize team members have joined forces to improve their sustainable development practices, based on recognized standards such as those of B Corp. This approach testifies to the collective commitment of the company’s employees to a more responsible and ethical future. It also responds to the growing concerns of Novatize’s customers and partners, who are increasingly looking to collaborate with companies that care about their social and environmental impact.


Discover Novatize’s sustainable development initiatives


Novatize quickly realized that improving practices within the company is the first step. The vision for the future is to have an impact on the entire e-commerce industry in Quebec. Aware of the disparity between current e-commerce practices and sustainable development, the Novatize team wants to help its customers reduce their environmental footprint while strengthening their impact on the community.


Recent initiatives at Novatize include carbon offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions generated by team members’ travel, the integration of a social and environmental value statement into the company’s legal documents, team volunteering with local organizations, and the creation of a blog packed with resources to help e-commerce businesses learn about sustainability in their sector.


See tools and content related to eCommerce and sustainable development.


François-Jérôme Gosselin, President and co-founder of Novatize, proudly expresses this achievement: “By obtaining B Corp certification, Novatize has committed itself to pushing back the boundaries of traditional business. We have chosen to put people and the planet at the heart of our business decisions. This certification is a reflection of our deep commitment to a sustainable and ethical future, and I’m incredibly proud of every member of our team who has contributed to this achievement.”


B Corp certification is a testament to Novatize’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This distinction testifies to the company’s desire to contribute positively to society and the environment, while inspiring other e-commerce players to follow its example.

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