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10 Feb 2023

Shopify Releases New Features for B2B eCommerce

Shopify Releases New Features for B2B eCommerce


Shopify, the global leader in e-commerce solutions, recently announced new features to help B2B businesses sell online. These new features, available in Shopify Plus, Shopify’s scalable e-commerce platform, offer B2B businesses a complete solution for selling online, from building scalable websites to advanced purchasing processes.

B2B companies that are selling online

More and more manufacturing or distribution companies are making digital transformations to offer an online sales channel to their clients. We see industries such as home renovation, hardware, wholesale, and consumer packaged goods that are undergoing a major evolution.

A major breakthrough for the B2B market

Marketing products via B2B eCommerce can be a complex process. Indeed, the user journey and buying habits of a business (B2B) are quite different from those of a consumer (DTC). In the past, merchants who wanted to implement a wholesale channel on their online store had to use specific technologies like Adobe Commerce, Salesforces or even custom developed platforms. The new features announced by Shopify now allow for a faster, less expensive and better adapted to the realities of B2B merchants. This new features will allow companies to sell to different customer segments via the same platform. This is a major improvement that will certainly change the B2B market.

Are you thinking about updating or implementing an online sales channel for your business customers?


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  • Understand your users’ needs and the market situation
  • Find the information and support you need
  • Choose the technology best fitted to your context
  • Adapt the user experience and interface (UX/UI)
  • Create company profiles and customer accounts
  • Prepare product information and set up price lists
  • Adapt checkout and payment methods
  • Consider other B2B eCommerce sales channels
  • Implement B2B KPIs and control measures
  • Plan an optimized launch


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