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20 Aug 2023

What is the interview and hiring process at Novatize?

What is the interview and hiring process at Novatize?

Are you looking for or changing jobs? Considering Novatize as a new employer? Find out about the process you could go through to become a member of our team. 

Novatize is an employer of choice and has been named one of the “Best Workplaces in Canada“.

“My experience has been very positive. The whole process went smoothly, both in terms of making contact and follow-up. I got responses from 3 other companies I was in the process with, but Novatize was responsive and transparent. As for my integration, it came naturally. Both with Émilie and the rest of the staff, who all contributed positively to my onboarding.”

– Oumar Diack, Product Owner


This article will guide you through the various stages that make up the Novatize recruitment process. The aim is not only to fill vacancies, but also to find individuals who have the required technical skills, but above all who fit in with Novatize’s culture and vision. 

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Here’s our four-step process for conducting job interviews

1. Team “fit” interview:

The objective of this step is to assess the candidate’s compatibility with the company culture and his/her ability to work in a team.

  • Presentation of Novatize and the role;  
  • Presentation of the candidate and his/her past experience; 
  • Discussion of objectives, interpersonal skills, technical skills and desired conditions.

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2. Technical interview:

The aim of this stage is to assess the technical and professional skills specific to the position.

  • Questions on the technical aspect of the position;
  • Discussion of the candidate’s previous projects;
  • Explore challenges encountered, decisions made and results obtained;
  • Q&A of hypothetical scenarios.

3. Case study or technical test:

The aim of this stage is to assess the candidate’s ability to apply his or her skills to real-life situations.

  • The case study or technical test is sent a few days before the interview; 
  • Listening to the presentation in the form chosen by the candidate; 
  • Discussion and recommendations following the case study/technical test.

4. Offer:

Normally, just a few days after the case study is sufficient to give the candidate an answer and let them know if we are going ahead with their application for an offer.

  • Video call with the human resources manager and the manager of the position to be filled; 
  • Presentation of the “candidate package” (salary, benefits, working conditions and much more); 
  • Questions/comments;
  • Candidate package and employment contract sent by e-mail;
  • Signature.

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“My favorite part of the hiring process was the constant follow-ups from the HR team. From the interview stage right through to integration, I was never left waiting and never needed to follow up. These are normally stressful processes, and it was very reassuring to see that the team had a good structure in place. It immediately gave me confidence and I knew that my integration at Novatize was going to go smoothly. After just a few months, I already feel I’ve found my place in the team!

– Gabrielle Alain-Lachance, Marketing Coordinator


The interview process is crucial and important for both parties. A well-conducted interview allows us to select the most qualified and motivated candidates to join our team. Novatize takes the well-being of its team to heart, and to achieve this, we need to choose the best people and form a united, happy and successful team. 

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