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Jean Julien

Create a custom connector linking multiple systems

Family-owned Jean Julien specializes in B2B distribution of hair care products for professionals. Hair coloring, hair care, styling and styling are just some of the products they’ve been selling to hair professionals and salons for over 50 years.




major product categories



Creation of a connector linking several systems (Shopify and Ogasys for Jean Julien)

Novatize’s mandate was to create a complete eCommerce connector for Jean Julien. This connector facilitates integration and interoperability between different systems, linking the Shopify eCommerce platform to the Ogasys ERP (a management tool that handles all business processes).

Novatize created a custom connector to synchronize products, prices, inventory, product images, customers and orders between Ogasys and Shopify. This connector would enable Jean Julien to sell all their products online in a simplified way, as it eliminated the need to manually enter information into each system.


A personalized approach for effective results

In parallel with the creation of the connector, Novatize’s experts carried out a research report to improve the categorization of products on the site, with the help of real users. This study was a great addition to the project, to deliver a connector and a site that lived up to their customers’ expectations. 

In addition, to improve the UX and UI of the eCommerce platform, we added a customer account login step dedicated solely to hairdressing professionals.



More proactivity, more productivity

As a result of the connector, Jean Julien’s team now has greater visibility of synchronizations, centralized information and much greater proactivity, as well as increased productivity since manual tasks are greatly reduced by automating them, thus minimizing the risk of errors. These B2B eCommerce enhancements deliver considerable operational gains.

“The final result is simply amazing! Very impressed with the technical department, which was always available to help us and answer our questions”.

Isabelle Desgagné

Finance's Director and HR - Jean Julien