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My Fireplace Products

Product pages adapted to a complex buying process

SBI is a Canadian family-owned and operated company that designs, manufactures and markets home heating products, sold worldwide. The eCommerce division My Fireplace Products (MFP) is a reference for the purchase of appliances, replacement parts and heating accessories.  The web platform offers several models of wood and pellet heating appliances of major brands, entirely manufactured in North America.

MFP in numbers

+25 000





Customer types : B2C & B2B2C


countries selling their products


Design the UX-UI mock-ups of the Magento platform by improving the user experience


To achieve its goals, MFP gave Novatize a UX-UI design mandate to improve the customer experience on their Magento platform. MFP eCommerce combines B2B and B2C functionality. The product catalog is very large and includes products with complex purchasing processes such as stoves, fireplaces and replacement parts. The navigation experience must still be simple for the user. 

Represent the brand identity through experience and interface design


It’s important in the buying experience to demonstrate MFP’s friendliness and professionalism. Novatize therefore presented a design that consistently emphasized the brand’s positioning.  

Since the buying process is complex, it was a priority to integrate the addition of advice to customers. Relevant information is thus communicated to users at key moments of their shopping journey. In order to create a pleasant and efficient experience, Novatize has also implemented some improvements for customer service. For example: a surface calculator to offer floor protections adapted to the user’s device and a dimension calculator to validate the compatibility of a product in a built-in space. Thus, the user’s purchasing decisions are facilitated and the risk of error and dissatisfaction is reduced. 


Improve the user experience with intuitive navigation


The work done by Novatize now allows for intuitive site navigation and easy access to customer service resources. MFP manages to differentiate itself from the competition by offering technological solutions to its customers’ recurring problems. These solutions are beneficial for the user, but also for the efficiency of internal processes. 

Novatize’s approach to the project is unparalleled. From the analysis to the realization, I really felt that Novatize had our business objectives at heart and was able to put the right resources in place to deliver high-performance models in terms of both user experience and SEO, while respecting our constraints and requirements. Congratulations! 

Valérie Fortin

Sales ? Marketing Director - My Fireplace Products (MFP)