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Louis Garneau

Launching and merchandising a new product online

Louis Garneau is a Quebec-based company specializing in the design of equipment for cyclists. First recognized for the quality of its helmets, the company quickly became a reference in bicycle equipment, whether it be for shoes, jerseys with a team image, or simply for the parts needed for use. In the eyes of Mr. Louis Garneau, a bicycle is much more than a means of transportation, it is a way to express oneself and discover the world. 



bikes designed for children


large medal for each order


years of expertise


World leader in bicycle equipment



New product launch: children's bikes

Nothing we know about Louis Garneau today would have been possible without his famous little blue bike. This little bike allowed him to discover himself and become the outstanding Olympian and founder that we recognize today. He wants to give all children the chance to discover themselves and wants all Quebecers to know that Louis Garneau manufactures and distributes bikes specially designed for children. From the balance bike to the great exploration. It is in this context that Louis Garneau called upon the Novatize team to launch its children’s bikes on its brand new Magento website and to promote them.


Bikes and soft launch online

Novatize was contacted at the end of 2022 to launch Louis Garneau’s children’s bikes online. Knowing that the bike season is not at its peak in November, the Novatize team opted for a “soft launch” of the bikes at the marketing level, but to rely on a good integration on the website, in order to resume advertising in the spring.

Novatize helped Louis Garneau’s team integrate their new products on the website by advising them on best practices in terms of design and experience. The idea behind this page was to show all the products and explain the ingenious concept behind these bikes in one page.

This fun page allows users to understand the concept of each bike and to have additional information on the idea that Mr. Louis Garneau had for the design of these bikes. Another important point that Novatize realized is the tracking on Louis Garneau’s website. A great effort was made to configure the tracking in the various tools provided for this purpose. This allows for a precise follow-up of the purchasing behaviour of Louis Garneau’s website users.



A successful launch for the strong season

A colourful page, in the image of the playful world of children, which presents the 5 new bikes designed specifically for these great explorers. On a single page, customers will find all the information they need to make a wise purchase by ensuring they have a bike designed specifically for their child’s needs. All this with the same attention to detail that Louis Garneau is known for. The product page has been adapted so that there is a better understanding of the issues related to choosing the right bike according to the age and size of the child.

In terms of analytics, everything is working well in the different tools, a lot of housekeeping has been done in order to have clean data that represents well the buying behaviour of their customers. It is important to understand that this initiative helps not only in understanding the shopping behaviour on children’s bikes but also on the scale of the website. Louis Garneau is now equipped and ready in terms of structure to relaunch the advertising campaign this spring in anticipation of the summer of 2023, which promises to be full of exploration on 2 wheels! 

“Our relationship with Novatize is based on trust. They allow us to push our strategy even further. We can really rely on Novatize’s experts to help us prioritize projects that will create value for Louis Garneau”

Catherine Speth

Marketing Director - Louis Garneau