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15 Feb 2023

Map out your B2B eCommerce project with Magento 2 – Adobe Commerce

Map out your B2B eCommerce project with Magento 2 – Adobe Commerce

Do you want to build a B2B e-commerce project with Magento (Adobe Commerce)? You have come to the right place! Magento is an e-commerce platform widely used to create commercial websites. Discover Novatize’s advice to create a B2B e-commerce project with Magento and become a leader in your market.

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce) is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features and capabilities to help businesses sell their products and services online. One of the main features of Adobe Commerce is its B2B (business-to-business) capability. These features are specifically designed to help companies that sell products or services to other businesses streamline their online sales processes and improve their overall customer experience.

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What Are the Main Characteristics of B2B eCommerce and Client Portals?

B2B eCommerce is an e-commerce model that focuses on business transactions between two companies. It is a very different model from B2C eCommerce, which focuses on transactions between companies and consumers. The specificities of B2B eCommerce and customer portals are personalization, automation, security and transparency.

Want to see an example of a B2B company that has made a digital transformation? Discover the project Novatize did in collaboration with Groupe LD, a distributor of industrial products.

B2B buyers have very different buying intentions and behaviours than B2C buyers. B2C. B2B buyers are often looking for products on an industrial scale and are looking for quality products, low prices and a good relationship with the seller. Their buying processes are more complex and their decisions can take longer. B2B buyers also tend to look for personalized products and extensive after-sales services. The buying experience of business customers needs to be made as simple as possible to encourage repeat purchases.

To learn about the best UX (user experience) practices check out this guide: UX best practices for your B2B eCommerce.


What Are the Main Benefits of Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce) For a B2B Customer Portal?

Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce) is a very powerful e-commerce platform, specifically designed for companies that want to develop B2B e-commerce platforms. It offers a variety of benefits for B2B customers, including the ability to configure customer-specific pricing, manage multi-currency and multi-store orders, manage multiple supplies and inventory, and personalize the customer experience. These are the benefits that are most useful in the context of a B2B eCommerce portal:

Custom Price Lists

Magento allows companies to define custom pricing and payment processes for different groups of customers. This means that companies can offer different pricing and payment options to different types of customers, such as wholesalers, resellers and government organizations.

Management of Customer Accounts (Companies):

Adobe Commerce features robust account management tools that allow businesses to easily manage and organize their customer accounts. Businesses can create custom account groups, set different levels of access and permissions, and manage customer information in one place.

Quote Management

It offers businesses the ability to create and manage quotes for potential customers. Businesses can create custom quotes, track the status of quotes, and even convert quotes into orders with a few clicks.

Features for Reverse Logistics (Returns)

Adobe Commerce RMA enables customers to request returns and exchanges for products they have purchased. By automating the returns process and providing customers with a simple and convenient way to request returns, Adobe Commerce helps e-commerce businesses improve customer satisfaction and increase customer trust and loyalty. Merchants can also manage all return requests and their status in a centralized tool, making it easier to track and manage returns.

Communication with Customers

It includes a variety of tools that allow companies to interact more effectively with their customers. Companies can send targeted marketing emails, create personalized segments and even send SMS notifications to keep customers informed of their orders.

Is It Possible to Make a Headless Project on Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce)?

A Headless eCommerce project (MAGENTO PWA) is an eCommerce platform that is not directly concerned with data presentation. This means that the eCommerce platform is completely separate from the front-end functionality. The eCommerce platform provides the data developers need to create a customized front-end that meets the needs and preferences of customers. Magento is one of the leading headless eCommerce platforms.

It is actually possible to build a headless project on Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce), thanks to the integrated REST API. Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce) offers a comprehensive REST API that allows you to retrieve and modify data on the website using HTTP requests and API technologies such as JSON and XML. This allows you to develop independent front-end applications that communicate with the Magento back-end.

To understand the difference between a monolithic or MACH architecture, see this video.

Is It Possible to Apply the Composable Commerce and MACH Architecture Concepts on Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce)?

Composable commerce and MACH architecture are two concepts that can be applied with the use of Magento for B2B e-commerce projects. Composable commerce is a modular and extensible approach that allows developers to build customized online stores by combining different services and technologies. The MACH architecture is an approach to e-commerce project development based on the concept of Microservices, APIs, Containers and Clouds (MACH). It simplifies the development process of an e-commerce project by dividing it into small independent parts that can be developed and implemented separately. 

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In Summary

Adobe Commerce features provide businesses with the tools they need to streamline their online sales processes and improve the overall experience for their customers. The ability to customize pricing, account management, order management, quote management, customer communication, and mobile optimization makes it easier for businesses to sell to other businesses and increase their online sales revenue.


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