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09 Aug 2022

Globalization of Ecommerce with Shopify Markets

Going Global is a challenge that many brands are trying to overcome. You have to adapt price lists, learn about taxes and import fees, translate product sheets into multiple languages, and more. Shopify now offers Shopify Markets, a tool that allows you to easily sell to all of your international customers from a single Shopify store.


In this presentation Mr. Peirce demonstrates the new features of Shopify Markets, such as shipping profiles, international domains, local payment methods, and more. To help you overcome the various challenges of internationalizing your eCommerce.

Shopify believes every business can be global. 25 percent of traffic to our merchants’ stores comes from international buyers, making global commerce one of the biggest opportunities for merchants to grow their businesses. Shopify Markets enables merchants to sell anywhere in the world, making it easy to offer buyers a truly localized experience with the languages, currencies, and payment methods they expect—all on market-specific domains optimized for international SEO. Plus, merchants can pass along duties and import taxes at checkout, so buyers aren’t hit with surprise fees when they receive their orders. These features break down major barriers to international selling, allowing merchants to expand internationally and reach more customers in untapped markets. 

Merchants can also monitor how their business is performing globally, with recommendations to help them tailor their business to each market, optimizing for conversion and taking advantage of new opportunities. Markets has already helped tens of thousands of businesses unlock global success. We are excited to see even more merchants go global with this powerful offering.” 

Rohit Mishra, Director of Product, Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets: Going Global with your eCommerce strategy

  • Shopify Markets helps you sell internationally from a single store
  • Markets admin: Expand anywhere from a single dashboard

Streamline expansion by easily creating localized experiences

  • Buyer geolocation: Help customers shop in local experience
  • Local languages: Present different language options in each market
  • Local payment methods: Let international customers pay their way

Remove operational complexity from duties, int’l taxes, and shipping  

  • Duties and import taxes: Provide cost clarity for buyers at checkout.
  • Shipping profiles: Provide accurate shipping rates at checkout
  • Sales tax: Generate accounting reports adapted to the taxes of different markets

Scale your business with targeted market strategies

  • Local currencies: Convert product prices into local currencies
  • International domains: Create local experiences in each market

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