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08 Sep 2023

How new team members are welcomed at Novatize?

How new team members are welcomed at Novatize?

The successful integration of a new team member is of paramount importance for any company wishing to maintain an environment of choice for its future employees. Novatize’s management has decided to optimize its integration process in order to foster commitment for each new person joining the company. 

“Integrating a new member into our team has always been of great importance to the success of our company. We take a continuous improvement approach, recognizing the value of each new employee. This approach is at the heart of our priorities in growing Novatize.”

— François-Jérôme Gosselin, President of Novatize

Onboarding and integration are key stages for new employees and their teams. At Novatize, best practices have been put in place to ensure a successful relationship from day one.

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Warm welcome and pre-arrival preparation

The integration process at Novatize begins even before a new employee arrives. By communicating with the employee before his or her first day, we show consideration for him or her right from the start. This practice can encourage a sense of belonging to the company even before they start work. Since the waiting process between contract signature and first day can be stressful for new team members, this is one way of softening the blow. By starting the induction process in advance, we provide them with clear information and expectations, reducing any anticipation they may have. 

Here are the steps taken by the human resources team and the manager prior to arrival: 

  • Sending a welcome message from the manager a few days before arrival, saying that he/she is looking forward to welcoming him/her and that everything will be ready for his/her first day; 
  • Sending of logistical information for the first day. Ex: access, arrival time, how the first lunch will go, etc..;
  • Sending of a “candidate package” to be filled in by the new employee with important information for the administration; 
  • A document containing all the company’s internal policies. 

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By providing information on procedures, tools and resources prior to arrival, we enable new employees to prepare for their first day on the job. Some administrative tasks can be carried out remotely, which means the new employee will be ready to dive into more important tasks on his or her first day. Also, by starting induction early, we can focus on deeper interactions and faster integration with his or her team in role-related tasks.

Full induction day

The induction day is a very important part of the process of integrating a new employee. It is the first impression of the Novatize team and can have a significant impact on their commitment, well-being, retention and long-term productivity. The first day in a new environment can be emotionally intense. A well-planned, warm welcome day can help create a positive first impression and ease the adjustment. 

Here’s how our new colleague’s first day at Novatize went: 

  • Presentation of a welcome gift and clothing and accessories in Novatize colors;
  • Information on the human resources team, benefits, policies and tools used by the company;
  • Complete presentation of the company, its history and vision by Novatize’s president; 
  • Familiarization with the offices and equipment; 
  • First dinner with managers at a local restaurant offered by Novatize; 
  • Presentation of the plan for the first few weeks or months of work by the manager to help the new employee understand what is expected of him or her and set clear objectives;
  • Discussion of the projects the new employee will be working on and the contributions he/she will make to the team;
  • Meeting with future colleagues to build team bonds.  

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Novatize wants to show new team members that they are valued and expected within the firm, thereby reinforcing their commitment. The induction day is therefore a key element in welcoming the new employee, integrating him or her effectively into the company and ensuring that he or she feels comfortable and ready to contribute right from the start.

In-depth training

Novatize attaches great importance to training. New members follow a very clear, personalized training plan based on their position and responsibilities. This includes pairing up with a team resource person, shadowing sessions, full access to LinkedIn Learning and training time with their manager.


Progressive, tailored projects

As the new employee gains confidence and skills, Novatize progressively entrusts him or her with more complex and responsible projects. This enables them to put into practice what they have learned during their induction period, and to feel fully involved in the company’s activities.

It’s important to mention that Novatize adapts to each individual’s pace and constraints. Flexible working hours and policies are applied to promote work-life balance. 

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Follow-up meetings and regular feedback

The welcome and integration process doesn’t end after the first few weeks. Novatize holds regular follow-up meetings to assess the new employee’s progress, address any concerns and gather feedback and recommendations on the integration process. The whole team has individual meetings with their manager to ensure that everything is going smoothly. 

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“Working at Novatize means having the opportunity to grow in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by experts. From the moment you are hired, the recruitment team embodies efficiency, competence, openness and humanity. These qualities are transposed to the entire team, making integration easy and pleasant!”

— Christina Patry, UX/UI Designer

The integration process is a particularly important step in ensuring a relationship of trust and quality between employee and employer. At Novatize, we take this to heart, and we’re always striving to improve the way we welcome new team members to foster their well-being, involvement and sense of belonging.

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