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PNS Tech

Automating the vast majority of B2B orders

PNS Tech is an experienced manufacturing company whose expertise has been recognized in the industry for more than 40 years. It is a source of choice for replacement parts for agricultural, snow removal, road maintenance, and forestry and mining equipment. The challenges of online sales for such technical, expensive and bulky products are numerous.


500 +

B2B customers with unique business rules

400 +

Highly specialized products

1000 +

Custom pricing rules


ERP Connector (Epicor - Magento)



Promote online orders and offer visibility to their products

In order to reduce its operating costs and simplify the ordering and purchasing process, PNS Tech chose to turn to a digital product catalog and a complete transactional site that would gradually replace a good part of the manual ordering volume. Novatize helped design this B2C and B2B experience on Adobe Commerce/Magento.


Synchronize information from their ERP

Novatize designed a bi-directional connector between Magento and the Epicor ERP solution that allows their e-commerce to use all of PNS Tech’s business intelligence. As a result, customer lists, custom pricing, product availability and a host of other technical information is synchronized in real time in the e-commerce platform and is available to their B2B customers. Novatize also automated much of the customer account creation process to facilitate new customer acquisition.



A highly customizable and powerful tool.

The result is a unique, 100% customized, transactional catalog that allows more than 500 B2B customers to order affordable, high-quality replacement parts online without having to speak to a sales representative. The new site also includes specific features for experienced B2B users such as adding complete lists to the shopping cart with a simple CSV file import, requesting quotes and volume discounts, and custom parts forms with technical drawings.

PNS Tech is now positioned as an innovative manufacturer and is keeping ahead of the trends in its industry to serve its customers well.