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Merging brand identities into a single experience

Édika is a Montreal-based company that distributes and sells specialized machines and accessories for espresso lovers, both individuals and professionals. The company is known for its respect of traditions and its expertise. Edika’s team is committed to providing outstanding customer service and quality products. Behind every cup, there are dedicated people who share their experience and passion for the process: from the selection of the beans to the final preparation, including the choice of the machine.



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To unify several experiences.


Edika is also Jura machines, Lelit products and Touché coffee. In short, 4 prestigious brands with different visual environments and their own unique brand names. Novatize was asked to design and develop, a Shopify platform that aligns the brand experience while preserving the essence of the different visual spaces.


Beyond the visual component, one of the goals of the redesign was to improve the online customer experience before, during and after the purchase. The quality of customer service is at the heart of Edika’s brand positioning. The experience on the site had to faithfully reflect the warm, personalized and highly technical aspect of the in-store experience.

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A website faithful to Edika's experience


Through a rigorous research process and numerous user interviews, Novatize was able to clearly identify the specific needs of each type of user as well as the functionalities that were required in a site adapted to their needs. Edika is now ready for the next steps in its digital growth.

“We needed to bring all of our brands under the same digital banner without diverting their images and while offering the same level of premium experience online as in our store. It took a team of experts that we found with Novatize, and the excellent results of the platform since it went live, even though all the features are not yet implemented, speak for themselves!”

Didier Reolon

Director of Sales and Marketing - Edika