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Groupe LD

Solidifying B2B partnerships through digital transformation

Groupe LD has been distributing industrial and commercial products for more than 45 years. They specialize in product modification, tool repair and certification, design of lifting and handling equipment, and much more.

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Adapting to the reality of B2B eCommerce

Groupe LD is a key link in its customers’ tooling supply chain. Their B2B transactional ecosystem is developing quickly and the company is therefore looking to modernize its tooling acquisition processes. They have decided to work with Novatize in the design of their B2B online sales platform on Magento 2 Commerce. With the launch of their first eCommerce, several of Novatize’s departments were called upon to contribute their expertise. In terms of implementation, our team had to build a solution architecture and technological ecosystem that would meet Groupe LD’s needs, while optimizing the operational and logistical aspects. On the design side, in-depth customer experience research had to be carried out to design customer-specific interfaces, content and brand identity. Finally, the marketing team was called in to analyze current user journey data in order to develop the best strategies for growth, retention and experience.

Following the launch of their eCommerce site, new challenges arose, such as the multiplication of communication channels, resistance to change both internally and externally, the need for in-house team training, customer satisfaction monitoring, etc. The mandate has therefore evolved considerably since the launch, and our team of specialists continues to collaborate with Groupe LD on a daily basis in a number of ways. The mandate has therefore evolved considerably since it went online, and our team of specialists continues to collaborate with Groupe LD on a daily basis in a number of ways.


A complex yet efficient ecosystem

In the first phase of the mandate, the main objective was to modernize Groupe LD’s transactional loop by bringing a first-ever eCommerce site on line.

In the second phase of our mandate, following the launch of their eCommerce, our primary objective was to strengthen our partnership with Groupe LD in order to better serve their customers. To achieve this, we took a step back from day-to-day developments, enabling us to focus our efforts on longer-term initiatives. We set up customer workshops, which enabled us to develop a detailed experience strategy to better understand where to focus our efforts. An in-depth audit of Groupe LD’s current eCommerce was also carried out, in addition to competitor sites. These audits enabled an in-depth analysis of user data, paths and performance. Also, in order to enable Groupe LD’s internal team to become more autonomous with their online business, we carried out thorough secondary research to structure their relevant documentation and establish best practices according to their sector. Building on this solid foundation, we proceeded to prototype various solutions that enabled a more concrete visualization of potential improvements. At each stage, we assessed the potential ROI of each initiative to ensure that it was aligned with Groupe LD’s objectives. Finally, we drew up a time deployment plan for each project to ensure consistent and effective implementation of the proposed solutions.

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Customer adoption and retention

Since going online, some of Groupe LD’s key customers have been able to optimize their processes and place their tooling orders online on the platform. Thanks to the integration of Punch Out 2 Go, customers can consolidate their suppliers on the same internal system. The first phase of the project has enabled Groupe LD to secure its evolution with a solid foundation following its digital transformation.

Today, the customer experience has been considerably enhanced thanks to a redesigned and optimized interface. Customers now have access to a platform that facilitates their navigation and interaction with Groupe LD. In addition, the universal and flexible integration of new customers has improved the customer database. The electronic catalog has undergone a major evolution, with the addition of advanced functionalities that now offer manufacturing customers a wider range of options and services. Finally, the introduction of a search engine powered by artificial intelligence, thanks to the integration of Algolia, has revolutionized the way customers can access information and products. Personalized recommendations, based on customer preferences and buying behaviors, have enabled an even more relevant and engaging shopping experience.

Novatize delivered a quality product in a very short timeline. They enable us to meet specific and complex requests from our customers. I want to thank them for their support and guidance.

Denis Jomphe

President - Groupe LD